Capacity Development of the Irrigation Department in Afghanistan

Improves the capacity of the Irrigation Directorate in formulating irrigated agricultural development projects and their implementation.

 ACTIVITY SUMMARY: The project activities comprises of the following eight activities:

1. Continued updating of the institutional and capacity status of the irrigation staff under the Irrigation Directorate and the DAIL offices

2. Organization and participation in national and regional level consultations on irrigation policies, plans and programs. 

3. Implementation of pilot projects, aiming to train irrigation staffs on formulating, implementing, managing, monitoring and evaluating irrigation sub-projects through on-the-job training (OJTs)

4. Practical demonstration of appropriate on-farm water management (OFWM) technologies and best agricultural practices through field demonstrations

5. Conduction of formal and informal training to irrigation staff of ID and provincial DAIL offices in Afghanistan to enhance technical knowledge related to irrigated agriculture and needed skills such as English and computer

6. Conduction of training and observation tours related to modern irrigation technologies and irrigation planning and policy formulation in Japan and third countries to complement formal and informal training and OJTs conducted in Afghanistan

7. Preparation of technical manuals on irrigation sub-project implementation procedure and technical specifications for irrigation staff and training manuals on various relevant topics of irrigated agriculture for farmers

8. Establishment of a Resource Center that is equipped with database/documents/ reports/books on irrigated agriculture in general and with more focus on irrigated agriculture in Afghanistan

LOCATION:  Afghanistan

DATE:          15 December 2013 – 31 May 2017

FUNDING:     Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)







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