Analysis of Sustainable Water Resource Use

Docs (30) is to promote resource use for agriculture in the Asia Pacific region through capacity development and policy recommendations; analyses of water allocation policies, strategies and practices in the selected river basins; and the availability of a comprehensive set of technical and policy assistance instruments

 ACTIVITY SUMMARY: The project focus on issues related to policies and practices of water allocation, particularly to agriculture 

1. Identify and analyze the current situations and issues on water usage and water use rights among different water users in Asia (including environmental allocations)

2. Identify trends and analyze issues, challenges, and responses in water demand among different water users in Asia 

3. Provide policy advice on sustainable water resource use

LOCATION:  Asia Regional 

DATE:          18 May 2009 - 31 August 2012

FUNDING:     Government of Japan

Follow The two-day meeting hosted by the International Water Management Institute in Gujarat, India, FAO has selected a number of e-conference participants to attend the meeting and provide important ground-truthing to the work carried out by the permanent team members, working towards a range of ambitious objectives including:

  • Addressing a series of policy dilemmas:

1. Managing transitions: supporting resilience or a combination of improvements and exit strategies
2. Managing informality of the water economies
3. Economic water productivity vs. equity and other strategic goals
4. National objectives vs. local government and river basin objectives
5. Political feasibility: ‘ideal’ vs. second-best options
6. Realistic financial arrangements vs. incentives for performance
7. Resource use efficiency vs. redundancy vs. redundancy
8. Water, energy and food nexus

  • Discuss how water policies, allocation, management and investment can support green growth strategies while having explicit food and nutrition security and poverty reduction targets
  • Develop a package of policy development tools to facilitate multi-objective and strategic policy development and move from policy to action.
  • Discuss how the new tool and meeting discussions will feed into the second project publication – a concise Policy Brief




Project Case Studies at a Glance: Key Issues and Challenges

Results of dialogues and case studies

Project Overview

Powerpoint. FAORAP. Chung-Te Tzou.

Terminal Statement

Project Findings and Recommendations. FAORAP. Thierry Facon

National Dialogue

Powerpoint. FAORAP. Louise Whiting.

National Workshop on Analysis of Sustainable Water Resource Use

Summary reports of discussion

Study of Sustainable Water Resource Use in Asia

Economic, Food and Water Security in Asia: Towards a Renewed Framework for Action. FAORAP

Final Report

China - China Irrigation and Drainage Development Center. (2012)

Study on Analysis of Water Resource Use in China

China - Report. China Institute of Water Resources & Hydropower Research. Li Futian.

Case Study on Typical Irrigation Districts

China - China Agricultural University. Li He

Study on Analysis of Water Resource Use - Case Study

China. Presentation. Dec 2010

Study on Analysis of Water Resource Use - Dialogues

China. Presentation. Dec 2010

National Activities in Lower Cau River Basin

China - IWE. Dialogue Report.

Research on Water Resources Development

Cambodia - Presentation. Institute of Technology of Cambodia.

Analysis of Sustainable Water Resource Use - Irrigation Service Center

Cambodia. Presentation. Dec 2010

Inception Report

Malaysia - Malaysia Water Partnership. Dialogue activities.

Kedah and Muda River Basins

Malaysia - Case Study. Feb 2012

Sustainable Water Use in Muda Kedah River Basin

Malaysia - Dialogue Presentation. Feb 2012

Sustainable Water Resource Use in Kedah and Muda River Basins

Malaysia - Stakeholders' Dialogue Report

1st Stakeholders' Dialogue

Malaysia - Stakeholders' Dialogue.

Analysis of Sustainable Water Resource Use - Legal Component

Presentation. FAO. Legal Component. Dec 2010

Annual Water withdrawal by countries

Annex - Water withdrawal by sectors and growth in irrigated areas in Asian countries               

Major activities and sub-activities

Annex - Major activities and sub-activities of the project

Logical Framework

Annex 2 - Design and Indicators

ADG Welcome address

Regional Workshop. FAORAP. ADG Hiroyuki Konuma. Dec 2010

Global Water Partnership Southeast Asia

Presentation. GWP. Dec 2010.

ICID-ASRWG and its Collaboration with FAORAP

Presentation. ICID-ASRWG. Dec 2010

Regional Water and Wetlands Programme

IUCN - Presentation.

Compilation of programmes and publications

AusAID - Presentation

Legal Component

Background Paper. FAO Legal Office.

Improving Mekong Water Resources Investment and Allocation Choices

CPWF Project Report. CGAIR Challenge Program on Water & Food



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