Revitalizing Irrigation and Agriculture Water Governance in the Asia Pacific to meet the Millennium Development Goals

Docs (15) - Main outputs of the project are a regional setup for the overall governance, steering, management, coordination and implementation of key components launched at regional and river basin levels to meet MDGs


1.Modernize yerteryear’s schemes for tomorrow’s needs – Modernize  irrigation system would benefit various aging irrigation systems across Asia  

2.Go with the flow by supporting farmer initiatives – Promote opportunities for investors to direct fund toward successful initiatives. Farmers are raising yields using logically adapted irrigation technologies. 

3.Look beyond conventional Participatory Irrigation Management (PIM) and Management Transfer (IMT) recipes – Transform large scale irrigation schemes by transferring management to farms that have less expected result throughout Asia

4.     Expand capacity and knowledge –  Direct fund toward training existing staffs and building the capacity of all stakeholders

5.Invest outside the irrigation sector –  Frame policies to ensure external influence on the water sector are properly understood as irrigation is embedded in the wider economy and therefore affected by external forces

LOCATION:  Asia Regional 

DATE:          01 April 2010 - 31 Mar 2012



 Project Documents 

Irrigation Revitalization in the Asia & Pacific Region: Technical approach and future roadmaps

Workshop Report. 28 Feb - 2 Mar (2013)

Strengthening regional capacity for irrigation revitalization and agriculture water governance: A capacity development agenda for Asia and Pacific

Workshop Report. 4-6 Mar (2013)

Note for Discussion on Certification and accreditation process of centers of excellence and knowledge centers

Note for Discussion on Certification and Accreditation Process of Centers of Excellence and Knowledge Centers. 4-6 Mar (2013)

Revitalizing irrigation –Progress and steps ahead

Workshop Report. 11 Mar (2013)

Global Survey on Irrigation Modernization Support Tools

Report on survey result. (2013)

Global Survey on Capacity Development for Improved Agriculture Water Governance

Report on survey result (2013)

Local dialogue on action plan to address key water management issues and challenges in the lower Chao Phraya

Thailand - Final report of LOA/RAP/2013/05. Royal Irrigation Department (2013)

National Green Technology Policy

Malaysia - APPENDICES F-H. MADA Information. MANCID (2013)

Rapid Appraisal Procedure (RAP)

Malaysia - APPENDICES A-E. National Agrofood Policy 2011-2020.  MANCID (2013)

History of Irrigation Modernization Management

Malaysia - Ch. 3-4. Irrigation Country Assessment Report.  MANCID (2013)

Development of Terms of Reference for a National Irrigation and Drainage Centre of Excellence

Malaysia - Final Report. Ch. 1-2. Irrigation Country Assessment Report.  MANCID (2013)

National Policy on Climate Change

Malaysia - APPENDICES I-O. National Water Resources Policy.  MANCID (2013)

ToR for Center of Excellence on Irrigation and Drainage

Malaysia - Ch. 5-6. Irrigation Country Assessment Report.  MANCID (2013)

Revitalizing Asia's Irrigation

Publication. To sustainably meet Tomorrow's foods needs (2009)


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