FAO-ICID Training Workshop on MASSCOTE 2.0

FAO-ICID Training Workshop for Young Professionals: Irrigation Modernization:
New Perspective and New Tools (MASSCOTE 2.0)

The need to modernize irrigation systems and their management to face the challenges of rapidly evolving farmers and production systems, environmental sustainability and financial viability is more pressing than ever. The recognition of the systems’ multiple uses and services, climate change, energy make decisions and management more complex. Responding to the demand from decision makers and managers, FAO is improving its methodology to appraise and develop irrigation management modernization plans, MASSCOTE, to assist them with managing this complexity.

During this workshop, participants will understand the drivers of irrigation modernization and key concepts underpinning modernization, learn about irrigation modernization in key countries (China, Malaysia, Iran), learn about MASSCOTE, manipulate and apply key ideas of MASSCOTE to irrigation systems in their own countries and understand how tools such as MASSCOTE may assist in renewing their understanding of irrigation system management and support changes in the irrigation sector in their respective countries.

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