Improving the Operation of Canal Irrigation Systems


Canal Operation Training


This program responds to the need to raise awareness to the advantages and limitations of various design criteria for canal irrigation systems used in many countries and to disseminate information on advanced approaches to canal operation developed since 1950s. The program focuses on systems and methods that minimize dependence on complex management procedures while maximizing efficiency of water use and reliability service to users and alleviating environmental effects.


The program is an update of the audiovisual presentation published by the Economic Development Institute (now known as the World Bank Institute) and the Agriculture and Rural Development Department of the World Bank in 1988. The program has been widely used internationally to present new alternatives for the design of new schemes or the modernization of existing schemes and has had a significant impact on the irrigation modernization programmes of countries such as Mexico or Turkey. In order to respond to a continuing demand for the program materials, FAO has updated the program and converted it to new formats that take advantage of developments in information technology to make the program easy to procure and use individually or in lectures and to disseminate to the widest possible audience. The World Bank kindly agreed to make the original program available for FAO to further develop, update and disseminate.

The program is aimed at a broad audience of planners, designers, managers, professors, lecturers and students, and it is hoped that it will serve as a basis for the fruitful exchange of ideas and experience across borders, and more generally contribute to the rapid dissemination of new knowledge which is needed for the modernization of the irrigation sector. The program can be consulted on and downloaded free of charge from the website. The program will also be distributed on CDROM and published as a hardcopy publication to satisfy the requirements of and for the convenience of various categories of users. FAO is interested in developing partnerships with national irrigation institutions, training centers, universities or programmes to translate and publish the program into other languages. Interested institutions are invited to contact.


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