7th World Water Forum - Asia & Pacific Regional Process

7th World Water Forum - Asia & Pacific Regional Process 

We are pleased to inform you that the FAO Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific has been designated to coordinate, within the Asia Pacific Regional Process for the 7th World Water Forum (WWF7) in the Republic of Korea, April 12-17th, 2015, the preparation of Session 3 on Water and Food Security.

Attached herewith is the Position Paper for this Session 3. In brief, The proposed vision for the Region for this Session, evolving from previous conclusions on economic, food and water security and modified to take into account the evolving framework of Sustainable Development Goals and Targets to 2030 is: “End hunger, achieve food security and promote improved nutrition by 2030 in the Asia Pacific while achieving water security through managing the region’s multiple social and economic transitions equitably and sustainably”. The debate and discussions in the Session will therefore focus on the recognition of the need for countries to achieve a number of SDGs simultaneously while aiming at food security for all.

The Region has achieved remarkable results in economic growth, reducing hunger and poverty. However, growth patterns are unsustainable with regard to water and other resources and have left hundreds of millions poor and hungry. Achieving food and nutrition security in the Asia Pacific while maintaining water security has become both more complex and challenging.As a result, while we clearly need to improve the efficiency and productivity of water use in agriculture - and reducing environmental impact and get the agriculture sector to account for both its use and pollution of water, and while the water security of other sectors will depend to a large extent on success in transforming agricultural water management, we will also need to do so in a way that is consistent with the region’s socio-economic transitions and that addresses the welfare of rural populations and those who are expected to produce out food. Read more

 Roadmap  - Asia-Pacific Regional Process towards 7th World Water Forum 

This Proposed Roadmap seeks to inform the stakeholders interested in the Regional Process towards the 7th World Water Forum. The Regional Process will build on the 6th World Water Forum outcomes and conclusions, and will ensure a proper balance between priority issues identified at the regional level and the overall framework and direction for the 7th Forum, with its focus on implementation. It will also provide the basis for follow-up from the 7th to the 8th Forum.
Four different preparation processes have been set up by the May 2013 Kick-off Meeting in Korea: Thematic, Regional, Science & Technology, and Political. In addition, active involvement of all relevant stakeholder groups will assist the preparation of the Citizens Forum. Read more

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Asia Pacific Water Forum - Potential Water Priority for the Region

Multi-sectoral approach is needed for water and food security as there are no water security for other sectors without addressing agricultural water management first. Management  towards a renewed framework for action will evolve a coherent, effective, and feasible set of policies, strategies and interventions. It will address policy dilemmas, trade-offs and difficulties.          Read more

 World Water Forum 6 - Priority for Action 

Increasing water scarcity is a key threat to food security and socio-economic development in the Asia Pacific. Countries and river basins need to develop systemic responses for coping with water scarcity in and related to agriculture. FAO has been preparing, adapting, and will test and disseminate a water scarcity comprehensive framework, to assist member countries with this complex task. The framework includes and number of tools which will be promoted for the preparation and implementation of agricultural and integrated water management programmes. Read more 


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