Revitalizing Asia's Irrigation

To sustainably meet tomorrow's food needs (2009) 

Ending hunger, given Asia’s swelling population, increasing urbanization and  climate change, presents a huge challenge for farmers. With land and water  resources stretched, they must double their output from existing cultivated  areas. Irrigation systems will be vital to help meet future food needs and reverse past environmental degradation, even given higher yields from rainfed agriculture. 

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MASSCOTE: Sensitivity Analysis of Irrigation Structures


Technical Briefs (2008)

The Technical briefs provides an understandable framework easy to master by managers without having the sophisticated approach of hydraulic simulation and without the risk of loosing the accumulated practical experiences. It is fundamental to improve cost effectiveness in operating a canal

Modernizaing Irrigation Management

The MASSCOTE Approach (2007)

The methodology presented help those confronted with such situations to engage stakeholders and improve modernization planning with the goal of providing improved services to users at a more appropriate cost. It is termed the MASSCOTE approach, this being an acronym that stands for Mapping System and Services for Canal Operation Techniques

Economic valuation of water resources in agriculture

From the Sectoral to a functional perspective (2004)

A review on water resource valuation issues and techniques specifically for the appraisal and negotiation of raw (as opposed to bulk or retail) water resource allocation for agricultural development projects. The review considers raw water in naturally occurring watercourses, lakes, wetlands, soil and aquifers, taking an ecosystem function perspective at a catchment scale, and takes account of the demands from irrigated and rainfed agriculture.

Asia Water Development Outlook 2013

Measuring Water Security in Asia and the Pacific (2013)

This second edition of the Asian Water Development Outlook (AWDO) provides the first quantitative and comprehensive view of water security in the countries of Asia and the Pacific. By focusing on critical water issues, AWDO 2013 provides finance and planning leaders with recommendations on policy actions to improve water governance and guidance on investments to increase their country's water security.

NEWS: 3 in 4 Asia-Pacific Nations Facing Water Security Threat - Study

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